1. 在祢愛裡 / Live in Your Love

詞/曲:芙賽以撒 Fusay Isak、謝思穎 Panay Isak、陳雅玲Sunay Chen、李奇勳Kkpocaca
演唱:芙賽以撒 Fusay Isak、謝思穎 Panay Isak
英譯詞:宋怡萌 Joy Sung

我不敢相信 是如此豐盛
It's hard to believe, all You have for me
我在祢愛裡 不再倚靠自己
I live in Your love, no more trying alone
我憑著信心 領受豐盛應許
I'm walking by faith, in Your promise of life
神愛我的心 世界也無法奪去
Your heart of love for me this world cannot take away

祢的十架 就是美好證據
Your cross is the greatest testimony
自由的靈 充滿我的生命
Filled with freedom, Your Spirit lives in me

住在祢愛裡 我得以完全
Abide in Your love, You make me complete
因祢的真理 我坦然無懼
Because of Your truth, I have confidence
主祢的話語 使我靈甦醒
Your Word, oh Lord, awakens my soul
傾倒我自己 與祢更靠近
Pour out my life, to draw close to You

2. 到應許之地 / Toward Promised Land

詞/曲:劉淑莉 Lily Liu、葉惟恩 Calvin Yeh、蔡依純 Anna Cai、吳宇婕 Christine Wu
演唱:趙治德 Samule Chao
英譯詞:熊乃恩 Nathan Hsiung

This journey how adventurous
You by my side I won't falter

With You, I stride
Toward promised land

祢大能的神蹟 更新我的生命
Your miracles gave me renewal like new leaves
Forward is Your lead
我相信 我相信
I believe, I believe

The name of my God full of power
With You with me I won't cower

祢大能的神蹟 更新我的生命
Your miracles gave me renewal like new leaves
Forward is Your lead
我相信 我相信
I believe, I believe

祢的能力無限 信實存到永遠
You power has no end faithful until the end
Your promise will not change
我讚美 我讚美
I will praise, I will praise

You show miracles in Egypt
as promised you led me to Canaan
though people rebel on the way
Your love has never left my side

3. 通往祢的路 / Way to You

詞/曲:陳州邦Ben Chen、周巽光Ewen Chow、金品齊Pinky Chin、許書珩Peter Duck
演唱:陳州邦Ben Chen
英譯詞:王建玫Ada Wang

迷惘中 失去方向
Losing directions in disorientation
Laying down all the thoughts
祢的愛 顯露曙光
Your love as the dawn light
Shining into my heart

我彷彿聽見 溫柔呼喚聲音
I could still hear Your tender voice
You've been waiting
顯明我回家 的路
Showing me the way home
I'll come back to You

祢憐憫 有如春雨
Your mercy is like shower in the spring
Watering my heart to be relieved
我永遠 都屬於祢
I belong to You till the end
Stand upon Your grace

相信祢 的愛 重回到祢懷中
Trusting in Your love, returning to Your embrace
Give me courage
找到通往祢 的路
And find the way leading to You
I'll come back to You

祢為我 撕裂心腸
You were broken just for me
付代價 承受刑罰
Paying the price, taking the punishment
卻安慰 纏裹我的傷
Yet You comforted me and wrapped my wounds
用戒指 祢與我 立下誓約
Sealed the covenant between You and me
Your love for me has never failed

4. 如祢 / Like You

詞/曲:趙治德 Samuel Chao、璽恩 SiEnVanessa、楊蒨時 Hope Yang
英譯詞:宋怡萌 Joy Sung

Standing before Your throne
站立在 祢信實面前
Standing before Your faithfulness
祢雙手領我 走出曠野
You lead me out from the wilderness
I see what You've prepared for me

光照在黑暗裡 使臉上帕子都挪去
Light shining in the dark, lifting the veil off from my face
祢話語如鏡 煉淨我心
Your Word's a mirror, cleansing my heart
榮上加榮 因袮聖靈
Glory to glory by Your Spirit

我要貼近 貼近祢心跳的聲音
I will draw near, draw near to hear Your heartbeat
思緒如祢 步伐如祢 更靠近祢
To think like You, to walk like You, closer to You
活出 像祢 豐盛的生命
To live as You, abundant life
我要領受 祢起初對我的心意
I will receive, your will towards me from the start
我心渴望 榮耀如祢 聖潔如祢
I long to be glorious like you, holy like you
基督 耶穌 我全屬於祢
Jesus Christ, I belong to You

我心 坦然無懼 敬拜祢 跟隨祢
Boldy, with all of my heart, worship You, follow You
永恆 在祢手裡 我放下 自己
You hold eternity, I lay down my life

5. 敬畏的心 / A Reverent Heart

詞/曲:趙治德 Samule Chao、謝思穎 Panay Isak 、張涵禕 HanYi Chang、
璽恩 SiEnVanessa
演唱:曾晨恩 Yosifu Tseng
英譯詞:熊乃恩 Nathan Hsiung

You never change Your holiness
Right now I come to Your presence
I see You as all that I possess
Humbling reverence

This moment all nations shall see
Through your love the world is retrieved
在恩典之下 我仍敬畏
Under your grace I am amazed
How grand how great worthy of praise

Holy Holy
何等的聖潔 主我要敬畏
Oh how~ holy You I will worship
All that You are filling my heart
You are my all my only real truth
Holy Holy
何等的榮美 如此的尊貴
Oh how beautiful how precious oh Lord
When I behold wisdom unfolds
This moment I only want to follow

(Oh) Hallelujah
Oh 哈利路亞
Oh Hallelujah
You are King of all Kings, Lord of all Lords
坐在寶座上 復活的君王
Resurrected King You sit on Your Throne
I surrender to You alone

6. 做我自己 / Be Myself

詞/曲:周巽光Ewen Chow、璽恩SiEnVanessa、葉惟恩Calvin Yeh、曹之懿Isabelle Tsao
演唱:周巽光 Ewen Chow
英譯詞:宋怡萌Joy Sung

祢創造天 也創造了地
You made the heavens and the earth
祢造完地 也造我生命
When earth was done, You created me
月亮牽引著潮汐 祢愛也牽引著我心
As waves are drawn by the moon, Your love keeps tugging my heartstrings

我裡面 蘊藏著永恆的奧秘
Within me are mysteries of eternity
我價值 不是來自我努力
And my worth doesn't come from my efforts
我受造充滿 祢精心設計
I'm created by Your intricate design
Father, Your love for your children's on display

光合作用 廢物變有機
Light shines on compost then plants grow
斷食三天 修復內分泌
Fast for three days cells start to renew
The sun determines seasons
Spirit sets the pace of my life

我生命 不是由這世界定義
Now my life is not determined by this world
不比較 就不會扼殺自信
Won't compare, I won't lose my confidence
祢賜我潛力 賦予我命定
You gave all I need and my destiny
You are worthy of my praise cuz You made me

做我自己 愛我自己
Be myself, love myself
神所造的 我是唯一
God's creation, one and only
日出而作 日落而息
When I wake and when I lie down
神所造的 盡都美麗
God's creation, made wonderfully

7. 祢的話語 / Your Spoken Words

詞/曲:金品齊 Pinky Chin、楊蒨時 Hope Yang、劉淑莉 Lily Liu、許書珩 Peter Duck
演唱:李曉茹 Jamie Lee
英譯詞:熊乃恩 Nathan Hsiung

神說要有光 世界就有光 創造了穹蒼
When you say the word | it all came to be | the whole universe
白畫到夜晚 高山深海洋 突破限制和想像
morning to the night | mountain to waters | beyond our comprehension

神恩雨 澆灌這土地
Heaven rain | pour out to this land
神兒女 轉向祂 專注傾聽祂聲音
God’s people | turn to Him | focus only on his call

祢的話語 大有能力
Your spoken words | how wondrous
聖靈運行 充滿在我心裡
Holy Spirit | filling me all over
祢是盼望 我得勝力量
You are my hope | my strength to stand tall
宣揚 祢是我王
proclaim | You sit the throne

祢的話語 使我甦醒
Your spoken words | I awaken
看見應許 跨越與祢對齊
see the promise | come to align with you
突破黑暗 將不再隱藏
break through the dark | no I will not hide
生命 因祢發光
My life | for You it shine

8. 下我的寶座 / I Let Go My Throne

詞/曲:周巽光 Ewen Chow、黃正安 Small Ann、吳唯農 Justin Wu、蔡名原 Henry Tsai
演唱:周巽光 Ewen Chow
英譯詞:熊乃恩 Nathan Hsiung

我真是苦啊 在罪中掙扎
There's too much struggling in sin I'm suffering
Judgement leaves me to be punished
不想要虛假 卻無力抵抗
I'm done with faking, but it still tempts me
How can I be set free

肉體在抵擋 因我試圖作王
My flesh's against me coz I think I'm the king
掙不脫這捆綁 祢付上代價
This trap is tightening You paid the highest price
I'm no longer the Lord

I let go my throne
我掙脫 這枷鎖
I break off the shackles
You alone
I live for freedom's born

我肉體裡頭 充滿了軟弱
Deep within my bones weakness fully grown
I want to do good but I don't
跟著聖靈走 牽著祢的手
In Him I follow Your hands I will hold
from death I am reborn

立志 為善由得我
Do good are all up to me
Carrying out never comes to be
好的 我倒不去做
Good deeds I don't ever do
What I hate I can do abundantly
基督 在我裡面發動
Jesus starting something in me
該死的 就從死裡復活
What was dead will again start to breathe
Jesus take charge means Victory

Orphaned fatherless I'm no more
Fear and shame to me are unknown
For Christ's new life is fully within me, born

9. 井邊 / Beside the Well

詞/曲:趙治達 David Chao、孫立衡 Peter Sun、楊蒨時 Hope Yang、曹之懿 Isabelle Tsao
演唱:曹之懿 Isabelle Tsao
英譯詞:宋怡萌 Joy Sung

走過絕望 祢在井邊等著我
Through despair, You wait there for me by the well
迷失混亂中 祢認識祢懂
When I'm lost You know me and You're there
滿足了我 內心的渴望
You satisfy the longing in my heart
超越答案 祢是我的安全感
Beyond the answers You are my security

卑微與地位 在祢眼中都不算
You don't measure worth the way the world may see
祢找到我 心中的寶藏
You have found the treasure in my heart
祢從未來 開始了盼望
Hope has been born from eternity
回到過去 將我羞辱全遮蓋
You completely cover my shame from the past

我全心 敬拜 活泉湧出來
Living waters flow, a well of worship
Through You truth is revealed
我全心 敬拜 新生命展開
Let new life arise, my heart will worship
Spirit's fire burn bright

恩典和憐憫 是祢口中的話語
Grace and mercy are words You speak to me
祢看見我 祢認識祢懂
I am seen by You and known by You
祢從未來 開始了盼望
Hope has been born from eternity
無條件的 愛接納我 不更改
You love me without condition, never change

祢開口 煉淨我
When You speak, I am clean
降服 在祢愛中
Surrender in Your love
祢聖靈 充滿我
Spirit come, fill me up

10. 永遠不離開 / Never Forsaken

詞/曲:周巽光 Ewen Chow、蔣孟平 Chiang Meng Ping、張全佑 Andrew Eu、
陳雅玲 Sunay Chen
演唱:何彥臻 Franny Ho
英譯詞:熊乃恩 Nathan Hsiung

Be still and know God
Emmanuel You are here
Healing all because You're scarred
祢的愛 極深
Your love's so sincere

Alive only by Your grace
We're whole only coz You break
even when the world has changed
祢的心 不變
Your heart will not change

Your love can never be earned
I'm just a burden
Yet You intently concern
I will never leave Your side
by You I abide
Immersed in Your presence I'll reside
In Your presence I'll reside

fill me at my every breath
Your Spirit makes me awake

Surrender in Your love
Subtly in Your embrace

11. I'm FREE / 得著自由

詞/曲:趙治達 David Chao、孫立衡 Peter Sun、謝思穎 Panay Isak 、陳州邦 Ben Chen
演唱:陳州邦 Ben Chen、謝思穎 Panay Isak
英譯詞:熊乃恩 Nathan Hsiung

我聽見鎖鏈 在鬆動的聲音
I'm hearing the chains | loosening, unshackling
謊言被撕裂 堅定如精金
Lies getting destroyed | surely totally
絕望和羞愧 摧毀不了信心
my shame and despair | can't destroy my belief
沒什麼大過我 裡面的聖靈
nothing can bring defeat | to the one in me

這必朽壞的 變成不朽壞的
The corruptible | now incorruptible
這必要死的 都變成不死的
and this the mortal | all become immortal
死亡我問你 毒鉤現在在哪呢 哪呢
O death I ask you | now where is thy victory thy sting?
that which is in the scripture all came to be death is completely defeated

聖靈 OH 使全地震動
Holy Spirit | OH | shaking up on the earth
我們 OH 奔向祢的同在得著自由
We come | OH | run towards your presence receive freedom

祢戰勝一切 贖回我的生命
You defeated all | ransoming my own life
罪不做我主 不再是奴僕
sin got none on me | enslaved no longer
看見空墳墓 耶穌祢已復活
see an empty tomb | Jesus you are alive
聖靈的大能 使我得自由
Holy Spirit Your | power set me free

聖靈 OH 使全地震動
Holy Spirit | OH | shaking up on the earth
我們 OH 奔向祢同在
We come | OH | run towards your presence
聖靈 OH 使全地震動
Holy Spirit | OH | shaking up on the earth
我們 OH 奔向祢的同在得著自由
We come | OH | run towards your presence receive freedom